The Mozaiek Ensemble plays poetic Arab songs from the inner heart, rearranged in a cross over of western classic with eastern music.
On the program are amongst others works of Albinoni, Mozart and classical arranged pieces of different eastern composers from the 19th and 20th century like, the  Rahbani Brothers, Göksel Baktagir, Zaki Nassif, Muhammad Fulaifel etcetera.


Arabic Delight – The Netherlands 2017/2018

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13. October. 2017

Eduard Flipse Zaal, De Doelen


€ 14.00,-

15. October. 2017

Willem Pijperzaal, Figi Theater

€ 18.00,-

20. October. 2017

Grote Kerk, Wilminktheater

€ 17.50,-

27. October. 2017

Kleine Zaal Agnietenhof

€ 19.00,-

15. November. 2017


€ 10.00,-

19. November. 2017

In de Gloria

€ 17.50,-

23. November. 2017

The Concertgebouw



23/24-11 Turning East Events

SOUK is a fantastic evening out with the entire Concertgebouw taking on the feel of a busy Arabian market with nice food and drinks, music and storytelling and unexpected surprises.
Mireille Bittar and Feras Khouri from the Mozaiek Ensemble will perform songs from the Middle-East, rearranged in a mix of western classical music with an eastern sense, you can enjoy this concert from 7.15 pm until 8.00 pm in the Mirror Hall.
Asma Lmnawar starts at 8.15 pm in the GroteZaal together with the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and various musical guests. Enjoy a taste of Arabic culture in the Mirror Hall, before the concert.

24. November. 2017

The Concertgebouw

30. November. 2017

Podium Mozaiek

€ 17.50,-

06. January. 2018

Amstelkerk - Dutch Delta Sounds


€ 17.50,-

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